Few things are more enjoyable to those who hunt and fish than taking a trip to spend time outdoors, be it with a shotgun or fishing pole in hand.  There’s something about experiencing the wilderness—and having a nice haul at the end of the day—that just keeps us coming back again and again.  However, if your grand outdoor endeavor happens to pull you out of familiar territory, it can be greatly beneficial to utilize a guide service to optimize your experience.

What Does a Hunting Guide Service Do?

A guide service—such as Fish and Fowl—has the ability to provide guests with extensive knowledge of the area, including some of the greatest spots to hunt or fish. They’re also well-versed in regards to all of the local rules and regulations—have questions about tags, permits, stamps? Your guide can help! Plus, a good hunting guide is worth his or her weight in gold when it comes to knowing the best ways to hunt or fish in whatever area you happen to be working out of.

Do I Need a Hunting Guide Service?

So, you may be asking yourself, do I need a guide to go waterfowling or fishing?  Well, the short answer is: no. However, the longer—and more accurate—answer is that opting to use a guide can be extremely beneficial to the success of your outings. Guide services have the ability to remove much of the stress related to logistical issues off the shoulders of the client, thereby adding another layer of enjoyment and ease to the overall hunting or fishing expedition.

For instance, purchasing permits is necessary for activities such as hunting and fishing.  A guide service can provide their clients with information as to exactly what permits may need to be acquired, such as a migratory bird stamp for duck hunting.  Plus, guide services typically provide the decoys, boats, etc. so that guests can focus on having fun (as opposed to trying to figure out if 50 duck decoys can be packed into carryon luggage…trust us, it can’t be done!). A guide will also know exactly what locations and times are best for the hunting/fishing excursion.

Remember, the next time you’re off in search of fish OR fowl, enlisting the services of an experienced guide can go a long way towards helping you enjoy a smoother and less stressful experience on the water!