photo of a yellow perch isolated from background

Yellow Perch are of the abundance in Lake Erie and widely considered one of the more tasteful freshwater fish. The Lake Erie Perch is a yellow-gold fish with dark-striped sides and grows to be 5 to 15 inches in length perfect for a family outing. When a school of perch goes into a feeding frenzy, the fish can provide anglers with plenty of action, rewarding them with a nice cooler for supper.

Perch fishing is very simple. Their small size, abundance and constant action they provide make them a popular fish for young anglers.

Terms to know:

  • Up & Down/Hot & Heavy: As soon as you lower your bait, you’re reeling it up
  • Double Header: You’re catching two yellow perch at a time, using a double hook tactic
  • Triple Header: Similar to a Double Header, except three perch! This mostly occurs during a frenzy
  • Steady Pick: When Yellow Perch are biting, but it’s not a frenzy
  • Slow Pick: The perch are biting every once in a while

Lake Erie Perch are not picky eaters, especially during a feeding frenzy. Once we find a school of perch on our electronics, we will anchor over them. We use perch-spreaders with two hooks on each line baited with Emerald Shiners. A favorite fishing method is to hook the shiners through the tail, not the mouth. Baiting shiners in this manner allows them to move and wiggle more on your hook and attract larger perch.

When Emerald Shiners do not work, we use other live baits such as larvae, night crawlers, wax worms, and grubs. Perch also enjoy cut bait like crayfish and perch eyes.

Anglers should lower their spreaders to the bottom and, lift it up a bit and simply wait for a bite—we let the minnows do the action. Another popular method is to use Crappie Rigs in the same manner.

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