In North America Walleye are mostly considered to be a nocturnal feeding fish and are most easily caught at night and in pre-dawn hours. This is not the case in the Maumee River, as the river offers the best daytime Walleye fishery in the world.

The Maumee River Walleye Run offers a true one-of-a-kind fishing adventure that is on many anglers’ bucket list. The main reason walleye populate these waters is during their spring spawning season, but are active feeders while doing so. It has been said that there are more Walleye per cubic foot of water in the Maumee River during the Spring Walleye Run than in any other place in the world. Liberal limits and the high volume of happy anglers is a testament to that.

Walleye are olive and gold in color with very sharp teeth. These freshwater predators can grow up to 30" long and weigh up to 15 lbs.

We also offer Detroit River Jig Fishing.

Our main strategy to landing Maumee River walleye is cast drifting. This exciting style of fishing uses the river’s currents to propel the boat. Drifting, paired with casting, allows anglers to cover a large amount of walleye territory during their charter.

Our River Rig is a 19' GatorTrax powered by a Mudbuddy 5500 Blackdeath Surface Drive motor. This boat affords us the ability to run and gun the river in style and go where most only dream. Our river fishing charters are for 1-3 people. All fishing charters include rods. tackle. & bait in the price of the charter.

Our smaller boat works great for parties of 5 or less. The 21’ Walleye Hunter provides Anglers with a smaller, more affordable option for smaller parties. We will Troll behind in-line planer boards with crankbaits, worm harnesses with in-line weights to get them down to the fish. Also casting weighted spinners & trolling with Dipsey Divers with spoons & worm harnesses.

Gatortrax - 19' GATORTRAX
Capt. Zack George - (419) 575-6986
Rate: $300 per day, 5hrs. dock to dock  1-3 people