Fishing for walleye in Lake Erie differs from anywhere else.

Walleye are typically considered a nocturnal feeding fish, most easily caught at night and in the pre-dawn hours. This is not the case when fishing Lake Erie. Lake Erie has the best daytime walleye fishery in the world. Countless baits and tactics are used to land these beautiful fish such as trolling, casting, jigging and more.

Walleye are olive and gold in color with very sharp teeth. These freshwater predators can grow up to 30" long and weigh up to 15 lbs. Their primary food source in Lake Erie are Emerald Shiners, generally referred to as minnows. Lake Erie Walleye also consume Shad, Smelt and Small Yellow Perch.

Port Clinton is considered by most to be the “Walleye Capital of the World."  Unlike many other states and inland Walleye Lakes, the Ohio portion of Lake Erie does not have a closed season on Walleye.  Liberal limits and year round fishing is a testament to the abundance of Walleye that Lake Erie has to offer.

We mainly fish the best known areas that hold Walleye year round, including but not limited to:
The Western Basin Reef Complex, specifically:

• Niagara Reef                                          • Flat Rock Reef
• Toussaint Reef                                       • Crib Reef
• Round Reef                                            • Crane Reef
• Locust Reef                                            • Turtle Reef
• Big Pickerel Reef                                   • West Reef
• Little Pickerel Reef                                • North West Reef (the Bean)
• Cone Reef

We also catch walleye off the Bass Islands Area such as South Bass Island (also where Put-in-Bay happens to be located), North Bass Island, Middle Bass Island, Green Island, Rattlesnake Island, Catawba Island and West Sister Island. The Camp Perry National Guard Firing Range Buoys; A-Can, B-Can, C-Can, D-Can, F-Can, G-Can.  Maumee Bay, The Turn Around Buoy and the Sputnik are also good areas to target summertime walleye. The Sand Bar off of Vermilion, The Dumping Grounds off of Lorain, The Vermilion Weather Buoy, Beaver Park located on Beaver Creek, The Humps off of Avon, and Avon Point produce some of the largest walleye in the country.

During the early spring, walleye migrate to Lake Erie’s south shore reefs and streams to spawn. We utilize vertical jigging with hair jigs to land these fish. Purple, dark green and black jigs are our most productive colors. Crank baits work best when the water is cold, so our guides advise to couple crank baits with slow trolling strategies to entice larger fish and get them moving.

Post spawn season, which starts around May, brings the Walleye schools to the Western Basin Reef Complex near the Lake Erie Islands. The warmer months bring out our large boat. During this time, we use drift casting, bottom bouncing, and trolling tactics. Small spoons work well, but double worm willow harnesses provide anglers with a great back-up plan on bad spoon days.

Our 30' boat the Weiss Guy is a seaworthy Sportcraft equipped with hard top with an enclosed cabin and a private bathroom. It can hold up to 6 people and rods, tackle, bait and ice are included in the charter price.

Our smaller boat works great for parties of five or less. The 21' Walleye Hunter provides anglers with a smaller, more mobile, and affordable option for smaller parties. We will trot behind Offshore Hine Planer boards with Colorado Made worm harnesses utilizing inline weights to get them down to the fish.

Our smaller boat works great for parties of 5 or less. The 21’ Walleye Hunter provides Anglers with a smaller, more affordable option for smaller parties. We will Troll behind in-line planer boards with crankbaits, worm harnesses with in-line weights to get them down to the fish. Also casting weighted spinners & trolling with Dipsey Divers with spoons & worm harnesses.

Capt. Larry Weiss - (419) 707-1065
Rate: $750 per day, 7hrs. dock to dock 1-6 people
Capt. Jim Woods - (440) 371-3767
Rate: $500 per day, 7hrs. dock to dock 1-4 people can add a 5th person for an additional $125